Boards & Committees

  1. Planning/Zoning Board

    View the members of the Planning Board and find out when they meet.

  2. Board of Health

    The Board of Health includes reports from the Department of Health and Senior Services.

  3. Cultural & Heritage Committee

    Join this committee or attend meetings to see how this group upholds the culture and heritage of the township.

  4. Environmental Commission

    If you're interested in promoting a greener Greenwich, this committee is for you.

  5. Historical Society

    The purpose of this committee is to document and preserve the history of Greenwich Township through memorabilia collections and interviews.

  6. Municipal Alliance

    The Municipal Alliance meets once a month and discusses issues relevant to our municipality.

  7. Recreation Committee

    This group handles recreation opportunities, including sports organization information and Code of Conduct materials.

  8. Clean Communities Program

    Clean Communities activities are funded by state grant and administered locally in an effort to fight graffiti and litter.

  9. Senior Citizens Association

    This association puts on events and activities for elderly residents of Greenwich Township.