Tax Collector

Tax Bill Due Dates (with a 10-day grace period):
  • February 1
  • May 1
  • August 1
  • November 1
Title & Settlement Finals
For all title and settlement finals, contact one of the following:
  • Tax Collector - 856-423-1038 x 204 
  • Water and Sewer Clerk - 856-423-1038 x202

Tax Facts
The Tax Collector is responsible for the billing, collection, reporting and enforcement of municipal taxes for the Township of Greenwich. Greenwich Township is a Calendar Year Municipality; our budget year runs from January 1st through December 31st. In New Jersey, the local municipality is the conduit for billing and collecting taxes due for the general County tax, County Library tax, County Open Space tax, and the Local District School tax, as well as the Local Purpose tax. Only the Local Municipal Purpose tax is kept by Greenwich Township for operational expenses.

The State of New Jersey law requires the local municipality to pay 100% of the taxes due to the County and Schools quarterly. The municipality absorbs any shortfall in the amount of taxes not collected because of delinquent properties.

Property Taxes
Property taxes are due on February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1. Failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt you from paying taxes or the interest due on delinquent taxes. The Township does permit a 10 day grace period. The State of New Jersey does not allow the Tax Collector to acknowledge postmark, therefore all payments must be received in the office on or before the 10th. The only exception would be if the 10th falls on a weekend or legal holiday, the taxpayer would then have until the next business day to make payment. All payments must be made by cash, check, or money order.

As a statutory officer of the State of New Jersey, the Tax Collector is obligated to follow all the State Statutes regarding property tax collection including billing, due dates, interest on delinquent tax payments and tax sale procedures.

The Township of Greenwich has adopted by Resolution an Interest rate of 8% for the 1st $1500.00 of delinquency and 18% for any delinquency over $1500.00 as allowed per State Statute N.J.S.A. 54:4-67. As well as a 6% year-end penalty on any balance owing as of December 31, in excess of $10,000.00

Any open balance as of December 31st of the current year is subject to tax sale.

Foreclosure Information & Assistance
If residents of your community need assistance with foreclosure issues or to learn about what resources may be available to residents (including homeowners or renters) in your community, please refer to the following:

  • Foreclosure Fast Facts (PDF) - Listing of assistance, numbers to call, and general assistance, including counseling agencies experienced in foreclosure
  • The Mayor's Combat Kit - Materials and sources of information on buying a home, mortgage assistance and foreclosure, designed especially for Mayors
  • The NJ HOPE (Home Ownership Preservation Effort) website - Provides information about resources that are available for homeowners who are delinquent in their mortgage payments, need counseling or have questions
More Information
For additional information, please contact 1-888-995-HOPE or one of the counseling agencies listed in Foreclosure Fast Facts (PDF). All information contained in these links is available to download and copy for distribution.