Recycling Information

Who, What, When and Where

  • Gold Medal Environmental has been contracted to collect items for recycling for the town.
  • Zero-Sort Recycling = All your recyclable items can be placed in one container.
  • MONDAY - Gold Medal Environmental trucks hit our streets around 6:30am.
  • All of Greenwich Township is collected on Monday.
  • Cans must not be larger than 35 gallons or weigh more than 50 pounds when loaded.
  • Greasy Pizza boxes and any other oily/greasy material will render cardboard non-recyclable. Please discard this in your regular trash.
2017_Holiday Infographic_Final
Plastic Bags
Below are two recent pictures from the May 3rd 2021 Recycling Collection - Plastic Bags galore. The town gets fined for these violations, and ultimately this will impact our taxes. 
Republic Recycling Rejection 2  05-03-21
Republic Recycling Rejection 1  05-03-21

Have a HoverBoard to dispose of?  Magnum Computer Recycling in Pennsauken at 856-333-0991.  They will take the entire unit.  The resident should NOT dismember them.  Magnum will give you a certificate of destruction you need to get your refund.  They only request you call before going to Magnum.

Please do NOT  bring them to any of the County Household Special Waste events as Clean Venture will NOT accept them.  So far, Magnum is the only outlet we know of in South Jersey.