Trash Information

Who, What, When and Where

** Please don't mix trash in with Grass Clippings and other Yard Waste. We have to collect those separately **
  • Public Works employees collect household trash. Have it out BEFORE 6am.
  • Household trash in bags and cans 50 pounds or less. Containers shall be no larger than 35 gallons in capacity.
  • Monday through Thursday of each week.
  • The street schedule, by day of week, is below.

Notice to Residents

We want to clear up some confusion on the collection of certain items within our township...

1.       Cardboard- There has been an increase in the amount of cardboard being placed curbside on trash collection days. Cardboard needs to be placed out on Monday’s with recycling. The only cardboard to be placed into the trash would be all pizza boxes, and cardboard with glued Styrofoam. Packing Materials such as packing peanuts are to be placed into trash. Cardboard cannot be used as a container for trash. Cardboard placed out on trash day will not be collected.

2.       Grass and Yard Debris- Lawns are encouraged to be mulched. In the event that can’t be done, grass clippings along with other yard debris such as leaves, vegetable plants, clippings from smaller floral type plants can be bagged and or containerized (Trash Can) for collection.   NO Chipping debris (Branches for the Chipper), trash or pet waste can be placed into the bags and or containers. Bags and containers found to have chipping material, trash and pet waste contained within will not be collected until corrected. While this can be placed curbside on your trash collection day, this will be a separate collection from the normal trash collection.  Bags and Containers can’t weight over 35lbs for the safety of our workers. Blowing and or discharging grass and yard debris into our streets is prohibited. This act is against the New Jersey Department of Environmental Storm Water Rules and Regulations. These debris are unsightly, clog our water drains, and add sediment to Creeks and Ditches. Reminder: Debris generated by a contractor (Landscaper and or Lawn Maintenance) must be taken away by the contractor.

3.       Chipping Debris- Small Limbs and branches that are trimmed and or taken down by the homeowner can be placed curbside for collection. Collection of these materials are the 1st full week and 3rd weeks of each month. Chipping must remain separated from grass and yard debris. Root systems from bushes pulled from the ground and such are to be washed clean from dirt prior to placing curbside for collection. Make sure when placing debris curbside for collection that the butt ends of the branches all face the same way. Also try not to block drainage paths and storm drains on the road surface. Reminder: Debris generated by a contractor must be taken away by the contractor.


If there are any questions and or concerns Please contact the Public Works office at (856) 224-0373.

Trash Day Schedules and Information 

                              GREENWICH TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS

             The Public Works Department will be working Summer hours 
                         from May 27, 2022 until September 2, 2022.
             Summer Hours are from 6am until 2pm Monday thru Friday. 
                         Please plan accordingly for trash collection.
                                Thank You for your cooperation.


Have a HoverBoard to dispose of?  Magnum Computer Recycling in Pennsauken at 856-333-0991.  They will take the entire unit.  The resident should NOT dismember them.  Magnum will give you a certificate of destruction you need to get your refund.  They only request you call before going to Magnum.

Please do NOT  bring them to any of the County Household Special Waste events as Clean Venture will NOT accept them.  So far, Magnum is the only outlet we know of in South Jersey.